Helping the Poorest of the Poor in Cambodia

Not sure if you know but each October since I bought Adaptive it has raised funds for Projects in Cambodia, helping the Poorest of the Poor make a way out of severe poverty.

My family & I have been involved with the Cambodian Community in Australia & in Cambodia for around 30 years. My husband, kids & I lived there & with my parents we ran a Crisis Centre for Girls who were victims of abuse – Rape, sold in the Sex Trade etc.. Everyone there had a tragic story.

I homeschooled my kids in the Village with no air conditioning & little internet (& No they haven’t forgiven me yet!!)

We then adopted Ariella & she came to Australia to be with us at 5 1/2 years old, after a couple of years of fighting bureaucracy. She is now 9 & in Grade 3 at School.

The Centre – PTD (Ptea Tuek Dong – Coconut Water House) is now a Centre for teaching English to local kids. It is based in Battambang (famous for being the Commune Angelina adopted Maddox from).

Now we have a new Initiative to help the Poor, our site each time we sell a course we give one –

  • Grass Roots NGO / Missions Organisation

  • Individual who is working to improve the lives of others

  • Directly to a beneficiary who can’t afford it themselves

Check out the site for photos, videos & all the great courses we offer!

Here are some photos of our life in Battambang





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