Who has used us?

I do thoroughly enjoy your courses and find your style so relaxing it is conducive to learning, so thank you. I would definitely recommend [this training organisation]. – Project Officer
Just wanted to thank you again for a really insightful and enjoyable course. If only they could all be like that – I hope we have cause to bring you down here again.” – Programme Consultant
I have been telling everyone here about the great time that I had over the last 3 days, you are a wonderful facilitator and I really appreciated the opportunity of providing input and the interaction of the group. I think everyone had the same opinion. There were a number of lights going off for me over the last 3 days. – Program Manager
Thanks for the great course. I am going to be sending a few more of my employees to you as well. – General Manager, IT Consultancy
This is an excellent delivery of the PRINCE2 course. Friends at DTF found the Adaptive Frameworks’ course well adapted to their specific needs. – Senior Project Manager, Arts Victoria
The trainer’s experienced delivery of the contents made the course effective. – Louise Chew, British Telecom Singapore
100% pass rate – has to be down to the quality of the trainer I think! – Well done! – Graham Colborne, Change Corporation
Nice balance of slide presentation, bookwork and personal experience. – Penny Henderson, Rio Tinto
You’re a great trainer! Thanks for all your efforts. – Private individual
It wouldn’t have been possible without your assistance. – Fujitsu
Thank you for the update. Great working with you and we will recommend Adaptive Frameworks for future courses.
Thanks for the very interesting and well thought training!
I really enjoyed the last few days. After working with PRINCE2 for a few years it has become clear to me how little of the value I have been getting through not having done the proper training.
With this new found knowledge I find myself really enjoying my work, even having lots of fun – is this normal? 🙂 – Oakton Consulting Technology